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Flight Commander Luma Ambrosia was an ace Strike Suit pilot during the Third Rebellion era. She was the primary pilot for prototype Strike Suits, and was stationed on the Carrier Tanager. After a historically contested event, possibly beginning with the unconfirmed death of Admiral Farah, she mutinied along with the ships under her command and proceeded to attempt to kill as many Prospectors as possible, succeeding in defeating four before being killed in Prospera by The Council and two battleships. Her rebellion and death led to the creation of the rebel group the Scarves, as well as became the cause of the majority of rebellions and civil wars in modern times.

Strike Suit Shamhat

The legendary Strike Suit which defeated several Prospectors, it was the epitome of the technology of its time. Hand-crafted by Maalik for Ambrosia's specific use, it had roughly 5% the overall strength of a Prospector, employing several prototype shielding arrays that made it essentially invincible to all mundane technology short of several ship main guns hitting for several seconds at full strength. It employed the first cold fusion reactor used in a Strike Suit, and was equipped with missile launcher arrays with miniature nuclear warheads, several large laser weapons, high-caliber miniguns, and EMP weaponry. It was also the first Strike Suit to have a built-in warp drive.

Since the rebellion of Ambrosia, no suit has been built to these specifications. Only one other suit was built similarly, the sister suit called Strike Suit Ephedra, built shortly after it. It was allegedly destroyed during the first phases of the war.