Duriel-class Battleship

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Duriel-class Battleship

The Duriel-class Battleship is the latest in a line of super-heavy capital ships which specialize in independent action and heavy duty main guns. Battleships also feature a robust marine strike force, more specialized in planetary invasion than the boarding combat of carrier-borne marines.

Approximately 2/3 the size of a carrier, battleships focus more on actually bringing weapons to bear against opposing forces than actual command and control of a fleet. A lone battleship can fully support its own combat, ISR, flight support, and planetary invasions. The Duriel-class resembles a long rectangular, thin box, which is almost 17 kilometers long.

The main feature of the Duriel-class is the massive railgun that spans the length of the craft. Known as the Meshan Railgun, these railguns fire projectiles large enough and at such a velocity that they are classified 'planet busters'- powerful enough to do significant damage to a planetary foundation, any size of ship (including carriers), orbital structures, and more. The railgun takes a significant amount of time to charge and align, but can fire at generally any distance and length, with the only limiting factor being time of arrival. The only known way to stop such a projectile is to put a sufficiently large structure or ship in its path, specifically to protect the real target. Because of the stress and amount of enthalpy created on the battleship structure, the railgun requires a long cooldown period of two to three days before being fired again.

Battleships occasionally hold Strike Suits, though not as normal operating procedures. They also don't carry as many escort fighters as carriers do.

There are approximately five battleships of this class active in the Republic, generally covering areas that carriers can't reach. Battleships will also sometimes accompany carrier fleets as an additional factor of firepower. The most recent destruction of a battleship was at the hands of Ambrosia, during the Third Rebellion.