Blood Over Intent

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Blood Over Intent is an ancient Prospitan ritual involving the signing of important contracts. Contracts where a person's life, savings, or freedom were on the line would involve a 'Blood Over Intent' signing, where the contract would be written and the person(s) attempting to risk another person's aforementioned traits would slice their hand to let blood flow freely on the document, before witnesses. If the contract was broken in some way and the perpetrator was caught by either party, this blood contract could be invoked and carried a death sentence and transfer of all respective goods to the other signatory.

Commonly, leaders would often make this contract since they held many lives in their authority. Navigators too would make this contract since they were responsible for a ship's crew.

The ritual remains to this day, used rarely. It is part of the Navigator initiation ceremony, but for the most part doesn't exist in modern society. Some nobility still use it.