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Carrier Fleets are a term used to describe the three capital ships and their accompanying escorts currently active in the Prosperan Navy.


A carrier is a massive ship, nearly 23 kilometers long, that essentially acts as a massive warp drive for a collection of other warships. Each Carrier holds approximately 380,000 Navy officers, enlisted, and Marines, distributed amongst the carrier itself and all other ships.


A Carrier Fleet is defined as the following:

One Ayil-class Carrier,
Four Fletcher-class Heavy Cruisers,
Twelve Astoria-class Light Cruisers,
Ten Proussa-class Gunboats,
Ten Amphion-class Missile Destroyers,
Ten Aetos-class Escort Destroyers,
as well as 1200 escort fighters, organized into 240 squadrons,
and five Strike Suits, including one that is considered an ace.

When deployed, approximately 340,000 crew are assigned to these ships, while the remaining 40,000 remain on the carrier itself. A Carrier Fleet can operate at minimum with half this crew, but will have to leave some ships disabled any further below that amount. Approximately 124k of this number are Marines.

In Service

The three Carrier Fleets currently in service are the Carriers Kestrel, Tanager, and Thrush.


A Navigator is a person dedicated to the management and C2 of a carrier. They work for life on a particular ship, being chosen at the age of 16, dedicating their life to the good efficiency of the carrier. When a new Navigator is selected, carriers generally go out of action for up to 10 years while remedial training is done. Navigators are hooked up via a complex system of wafers and wireless connections to the ship’s AI core, commanding by thought every system and subsystem that needs immediate manual action. The only person who outranks the Navigator is the ship’s captain.

The Navigator is a self-admitted huge weakness, as a carrier fleet with an absent or deceased Navigator is nigh useless. Carrier doctrine is centered around protecting the carrier and delivering long-range fire with screens.