Conservation of Information

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The Conservation of Information is an incredibly important part of the Extended Theory of Quanta, which also includes time translation asymmetry, which explicitly denies the conservation of information. This leads to an unfortunate paradox.

In theory,
it states that given functions x1 and x2, which are converted via entropy into y1 and y2, should they interact whether entangled or otherwise, any observer will still be able to deduce the sources of y1 and y2 and connect them with x1 and x2 with sufficient time and equipment. However, this is not true given time translation asymmetry, but it is true on a local reference frame.

I hate mathematics. This article contains a mixture of real and pseudoscience, or hard and soft science. In many instances this exists as a state of speculation, rather than being explicitly soft science- ie, nothing is 'true' in the sense of the setting internally, but such claims made in the article are neither believed in-setting or out-of-setting. Thus, this disclaimer exists to point out it may be inconsistent with itself, which is acceptable in these instances, as long as it is not integrated into any of the other sciences.
  • Often this will either be moved into Hard or Soft science once a decision is made on the truth or non-truth of the matter, and whether it is believed or not. "Theories", supported by internally consistent research but not proven in-setting or possible in real life at all (or even attempted, or considered, for that matter) are also included.