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The following are the collected averages and data about the entire Prosperan Republic. Some small enclaves are not included.

Noun: Prosperan(s)
Adjective: Prosperan

Ethnic groups: 65.55% Prosperan, 24.43% Maklian, 7% Valentinian, 3.02% Other
note: Although mandated to be referred to as Prosperan, Maklia was the second largest nation during unification and remains a distinct sub-entity under Prospera. Maklians are distinguished by their light skin and light eyes, as opposed to the darker skin and darker eye color most Prosperans sport due to being from a desert climate. Over 90% of census reports, however, reported a mix ethnicity, and very few areas remain specific in ethnicity. Valentinians can be identified by light skin, but otherwise Prosperan features, and sometimes a mix of all three. Blue eyes and black hair is the most common Valentinian features mix. Red hair and, very rarely, yellow eyes, are also specific to Valentine.

Languages: 99.99% Trade Common (New Prosperan), 0.01% Other.
note: Prospera had, prior to unification, developed a trade dialect that was an offshoot of the original Prosperan language. Over that millennia it has usurped Prosperan as the most major language, with differences over time. Local languages may differ, especially in colonies that were isolated for some time, but Trade Common has been maintained.

Religion: Entirely localized, no state religion. Religious inclination lessens as one nears the core, but Prospector worship is not uncommon.

Population: ((Records are inaccurate, and a new census is needed.))

Age structure:

0-30 years: 24.1%
31-60 years: 41.9%
61-90 years: 17.5%
91-120 years: 13.1%
121 and over: 3.4%

Population growth rate: 0.3%

Urbanization: 98.8% of total population. Most farm systems are almost entirely automated.

Sex ratio:
total population: 0.99 male(s)/female (est.)

Mother’s mean age at first birth: 35.4

Maternal mortality rate: .004 deaths/100,000 live births

Infant mortality rate:
total: .07 deaths/1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 140.4 years
The natural lifespan of a Prosperan is about 60-100 years, with most deaths occurring around 80. Medical technology has advanced to such a point that in normal food and drinking supplies there are a plethora of chemicals added to extend the lifespan of the average human well beyond natural limits. Extending life beyond year 150 is illegal, except in the case of Navigators.

Additionally, while an unmedicated Prosperan will exhibit severe signs of physical aging after breaching age 45 or 50, with these medical advances Prosperans maintain a healthy 30-40 year old appearance well into their 80s. It is at around age 95 or 100 that the physical cell decay begins to catch up. Most Prosperans will pass at age 125 to 130. While it is illegal to keep one alive past 150, this does not imply that they will be euthanized, merely that life-extenders (such as expensive, advanced surgery) as options are no longer available.

Total fertility rate:
.23 children born/woman
A majority of women do not have children themselves, instead opting for adoption or artificial birth. The actual birth amount varies throughout the Republic, generally lowering near the Core.

Contraceptive prevalence rate:
note: percent of women aged 15-61
Contraceptives are widely available and free. They are minimally invasive and have near to no effect on the female. Because of the availability of easy and effective pre and post intercourse contraceptives, abortion is illegal.

Obesity - adult prevalence rate:
Obesity is determined based on a complex body shape, nature, and size system. Obesity is easily cured, and only those who willfully continue to keep their weight actually suffer from it.

The only illiterate people are those who willfully avoid it.

School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education)
Total: 22 years
See education.

Unemployment, youth ages 15-27: Total: 12.9%