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UWC: Earth X867000-0

Earth, or more precisely named &&RECORDS CORRUPTED&&, is a planet in a distant galaxy named Sol^ of no particular note or interest, orbiting a star aptly named Sol, the Valentinian word for piercing white, because of the star's youthful color. It is only of passable interest due to its high hydrogen and oxygen atmosphere which makes it a good candidate as a waystation for impulse drive fuel, or potential colony in a more expansive colonial adventure outside of the Prospector's home galaxy of Rhea.

Earth itself is not notable for much, and is a bit too cold of a climate for native Prosperans to enjoy naturally, though the equator regions are closer to comfort. Mineral deposits of precious metals and technologically relevant materials are also in high volume in the crust, with a natural environment inclined to eventual silicone and plastics production; construction resources and minerals quality is poor and in very disparate locations and inconvenient to extract without a full colonial investment.

However, in the last era of Prospera, Earth happened to be one of the last colonies to harbor living Prosperans after a civilization-ending Prospector civil war. Whether any other similar colonies remain and also flourished is unknown. When the civil war ended, the surviving Prospectors promised to leave the last surviving non-Prospectors alone for several thousands of years, until they were sufficiently advanced and exploratory enough to disturb their resting place, frozen in the ice sheets of Antarctica. While the colonists remembered their origins and their ancestry, the loss of all their support systems and logistical trains led to a total collapse of any technological development across the planet, and returned Prosperans, now called man, to working with stones and tools, still telling stories kept by song and story of their gods and patrons, some day to return to lead them back to another golden age of civilization.

Most of these beliefs eventually turned into modern mythology and religion, corrupted over many generations and tainted by many different hands exchanging that knowledge.