Extended Theory of Quanta

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"No matter how many pieces are strung together and sewn, no picture can be seen despite our divining. Each line of verse rhymes with the last, and as we ran out of words to rhyme, we invented new ones. Now we come up to the last stanza, and instead of inventing one last new word, we sit and shake our heads and wonder what we've missed. Everything. We missed everything. What if the word we were trying to rhyme from was wrong from the very beginning?" - Nasikel Frisiae, preface to ETQ

The Extended Theory of Quanta, a so-proposed Theory of Everything, was the first and only fully complete and comprehensive hypothesis forwarded to attempt to bridge the gap between the Standard Model and the Limited Theory of Quanta.

Such a theory is not proven yet.

Science! This article contains explicitly soft science; that is, fiction without any credible sources, or written by myself. Another term to refer to this is pseudoscience, though I believe pseudoscience should reference specifically 'science' backed up mostly by mystical or spiritual things. Soft science is based upon hard science, but has no true place in any reality where hard science is factual. It may contain straight out lies and false assumptions of scientific theories, or fabricated ones. These are only internally 'factual' and do not reflect real science, and should not be referenced as such.
  • This is a disclaimer to separate articles which I attempt to base entirely on hard science with sources and research, and fiction to make such a setting possible.