Final Trade Settlement

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Winning the duel leaves no one to celebrate, -UNK Artist

The Final Trade Settlement is the politically correct name for the great war (Prosperan: Uyeikelsehfallen), (Makhian: Prosperan Containment War), (Valentinian: Prosperan Intercontinental War) which occurred between all three nations, though Valentine saw the least action, with almost all fighting being between the Prosperan Federation and Makhia on the eastern continent. Some fighting occurred over island ownership between Prospera and Valentine, and in general, it was a war with two fronts and two enemies that were technically not allies, but not hostile either.

While Prospera fought mostly in the air and on the ground against Makhia, the war against Valentine and Valentine's colonial states was mostly naval in nature.

This war is notable for its incredibly high casualty rates, with the number of dead reaching nearly thirty million in total counting all civil and military casualties, estimated, with only about less than 10% of that total being a declared valid military target. Compared to previous conflicts, this was even unprecedented compared to the first large border war utilizing machine guns, which saw a staggering 2 million per year death toll, ending in about four years. Almost all of the thirty million deaths of the FTS war happened in the first two years, and most of the high estimates blame the death counts on depopulating warzones and newly made DMZs that had existed on urban, dense land, and other theories lie in overpopulation and the focus on the fertile far lands beyond the Endless Desert, which is home to several heavily urbanized metropolitan zones that were ravaged in the fighting, displacing millions and causing food and basic resource shortages on the entire continent.

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The war ended abruptly with the development of the FRDAI by Prosperan war development teams, which had recently been staffed by mostly robotics and AI researchers. Development of traditional weapons had either stalled or reached a point of sunken cost and financial infeasibility, and an alternative tactic had to be developed which minimized the use of resources, especially manpower. With the FRDAI, one operator trained in a month could control a fleet of several hundred with the AI mostly controlling its individual movements while the tactician operator set target goals and retreat algorithms. However, because of the nature of the specific AI training done, it ceased fighting and the original (and the copied counter-FRDAI) all decided that inaction preceded peace, therefore inaction was preferable over action which preceded conflict.

This led to the monumental, incredible Final Settlement, the supposed last peace treaty before apparent globalization- though its overall popularity is questionable.