First Rebellion

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The first rebellion began in 976RE, almost a millennia after the Prospectors first rose to power. By this point, the first set of Prospectors had begun to grow decadent. They toyed with new colonies, slowly expanding the bureaucracy and administration of the Republic parsecs out into unknown space. Included were mass forced migration, abandonment, and experiments at the expense of the population.

Phase 2 Colonies began to get worried about the amount of toying the Prospectors had been doing to them. Entire planets would be moved around, populations forced to relocate further out for the sake of population balance, and although in many cases it was in their own best interests, the constant shakeups and teardowns wore down on the people.

In a secret meeting with many of the governors of Phase 2 worlds, the colonies decided that they had had enough. They did not know how to kill the Prospectors as they had been alive for as long as they had and many more centuries beyond that, but they would try. Any hope of democratic self-government was wasted with immortal autocrats ordering them around.

Rebels outnumbered loyalists, and most worlds simply refused to communicate with any other loyalists. World after world raised the black and red flag of the pseudo-Republic, as opposite to the blue and white flag of Prospera. This was not to last long, however, as the first pack of Prospectors arrived. They had had no real experience in using their power for destruction, aside from the very crude and primal urges they had shown during the upheaval of the old order. They had to figure out how to fight on a mass scale; they could easily kill or wound at their whimsy any person in close, personal combat, but how were they to fight armies?

Their primary weakness was lack of mobility. Yes, they could fly, yes, they could shift themselves through Frisian space, but only short distances. They had no more mobility than a motorbike, though were slightly less constrained by walls.

Maalik devised an idea; powered suits of armor, similar to fiction of the past and of the day, which were originally deemed unsuitable for real war. This would give them their full range of motion and mobility, while also enhancing it a hundredfold. They could also carry mundane weapons, if need be. Between the years of 968 and 979, Maalik and several other Prospectors stayed hard at work constructing these suits from no references, eventually deeming those Strike Suits and arming six Prospectors- herself, Jibrail, Izrael, Mikhail, Ridwan, and Rafael. In 980, they sortied, and by the end of the conflict, billions of lives had been ended by the Prospectors, factors higher than the conflict itself had caused between loyalists and rebels.

Jibrail and Rafael, horrified, sat at the diplomacy table and made a deal with several of the surviving governors; they would trade additional autonomy to the people, and agree to never institute a massacre on this scale again, for the sake of humanity and Prospera as a whole.

From then on, the Prospectors held considerably less power, by their own choice, in government. Conditions in the Republic, without the constant direct intervention of the Prospectors, continued to deteriorate, eventually leading to the Second Rebellion.