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Frisian Space is the theory encompassing the origin and creation of the universe, publicized in the last millennia by Izrael and Jibrail, and has apparently been known by the Prospectors since at least their genesis.

Early Frisian Detector

Frisian Space Theory works off of Frisian Field laws, in that there is a separate layer 'below' spacetime that counteracts all entropy in our normal universe. The theory goes that as energy is expended in realspace, energy grows in Frisianspace, and thus when all mass has been converted to energy and all energy has been expended, Frisian space will have maximum enthalpy, where it is producing the maximum amount of energy possible. The limit considered for energy in Frisianspace is, in fact, one single hydrogen molecule less than that of realspace, and thus when the conversion is complete, Frisianspace will tear open at an arbitrary point and spill out a massive amount of energy and matter, much of it converting to base elements, into realspace again. Frisianspace will be emptied this way, and realspace will contain all energy and mass again, to continue the cycle. See Rhea for how matter and energy actually transfers.

While some minor technologies have utilized Frisianspace, it is thought that as the balance of energy between fspace and rspace changes, the interactions will change dramatically. As time is still on the very front end of Frisian anomolies, Frisian travel is still very quick as the speed of light is much faster than in rpsace, and Frisian shields are very weak, relative to themselves; but as fspace becomes denser, travel will slow and shields will become dramatically stronger. This is, however, on the order of trillions of years, and the differences in the mathematics between generations are negligible and can be easily calculated to adjust form microseconds in travel differences.

While this explains some nature of the universe, it does not elaborate on the absolute creation of the universe or how the cycle began, which remains a mystery.