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The Genesis of the Prospectors is an oft wondered and mysterious fact of life. Not much detail is written on the subject, and whatever did remain was censored or destroyed by the Prospectors long ago. What is known is that they were a team of scientists, on government payroll, whose sole purpose was to find ways to fix the environmental and resource collapse of the Federation and across its colonies. Nearly millennia of researchers were cycled through, before the original fifteen Prospectors were chosen as the successors. The Federation was not expected to last much longer past 5000PP of nothing was done. The doomsday clock was about one second from midnight.

Shortly after the research lead, Rachel, died of unknown circumstances, the Prospectors revealed themselves. As they were already famous throughout the Federation, they simply stated their intentions of taking over the government. Naturally, no one believed their initial claim, and they demonstrated their power by creating matter from nothing, annihilating a tank into nothing, and gave solutions to most of the Federation’s problems.

While most of the population was ecstatic about the idea, the leading governors of the Federation were not so happy. They saw it as a threat to their sovereignty and the integrity of democracy, especially if their claims of immortality were true. They convinced most of the military to try and kill the scientists.

What ensued was a frantic two-day fight where the scientists desperately fought for their lives. Not knowing the extent of their immortality or the limits of their power, they crudely tore through entrenchments, tanks, buildings, and more, killing thousands before eventually murdering the opposing politicians. Quote Izrael; “The first murder was the hardest. Each one after that became less and less of an ordeal. By the time I killed my own family’s Patrician, I hardly felt a thing.” The Prospectors announced, from the capital building, that they would no longer be a Federation of countries, but a Republic of one people: Prospera. And they, as discoverers of truths, would be called the Prospectors.