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Grey Snow (also known as Ceylocet) is a highly illegal synthetic medicinal drug that has been used since before the Genesis Era in various different capacities. It is a complex mix of painkillers designed to be highly variable, but nonlethal, in any dosage amount, which would effectively make the analgesic market require only a single product.


Grey Snow has roughly the consistency of wet sand. It can be easily manufactured in large quantities with only one of the chemicals being somewhat difficult to acquire.

When used to lightly cover (essentially sprinkling dust) a painful area of the body, it acts as an extremely effective analgesic. When ingested in moderate doses (approximately a gram), it acts as an effective anesthesia and sleeping aide. When ingested or injected in larger doses (more than a gram and a half, or even less than a gram when injected), it begins to build up in brain tissue, festering and causing serious damage to various lobes when used repeatedly. When ingested at one time in a dose of more than ten grams, it can cause immediate death. Habitual use of Grey Snow for more than two months has nearly a 100% fatality rate.

Specific effects of Grey Snow depends on the individual's brain chemistry. Effects ranging from intense hallucinations, temporary eidetic memories, superhuman strength and endurance, memory loss, and even immediate death have all been reported. The majority of users report intense euphoria regardless of other additional effects, with a small minority reporting intense depression, sometimes even leading to suicide.


Grey Snow was originally developed by the state-sponsored team of fifteen scientists during the early stages of the revolutionary era. Developed to try and solve a growing issue with hospital occupancy and the general expensiveness of the high end analgesics, it failed miserably when it was discovered how intensely addictive it was. While immediately banned, a leak publicized the formula for producing it, and many criminal groups that had the means to acquire the final expensive chemical immediately set about producing and selling it. There was a massive wave of addiction following this publicizing, with martial law being placed on several worlds to control the rising issue.

After its extremely lethal side effect of use made itself clear several months after the incident, general use died down considerably- it became a drug used only by those who wished to die, or had the means to control themselves well enough to not succumb to addiction. It still sometimes remains in use as a party drug, a one night use once every several months, which is 'safe', though only nearer to the core.

Police forces rarely look for it specifically because of its general rarity compared to other drugs, though more aggressive users can be a huge danger to themselves and others nearby- there are many reports of addicts taking up to a full magazine of rifle bullets before going down.

In-Game Mechanics

When used alongside the First Aid or Medical Care actions, increase the amount of characteristic points restored by 2. If attempted by a character that has less than Medic 2, there is a risk of accidentally overdosing or getting it in the target's bloodstream- roll a Difficult (-2) task.

When used by itself and ingested in more than a gram and a half, roll 2d6 for each physical characteristic and int. In each roll, the higher number designates the amount of characteristic change, and the lower number determines if it is positive or negative. An even result on the second die denotes a positive increase, and an odd denotes negative. If the results are doubles, double the characteristic change and follow whether the number which was doubled was even or odd.

The effects last a number of hours equal to 15 - the character's unmodified END value.

If this brings all three physical characteristics below 0, the character dies after 1d6 minutes if not taken to at least a TL13 emergency room.

If Grey Snow is used for any reason on a single individual more than once a month, they are at risk of addiction. Roll a Very Difficult (-4) INT based task. If failed, Grey Snow must be ingested again within three days or the user suffers withdrawal.

Withdrawal causes the user to temporarily lose a point for six consecutive weeks from every physical stat and int- this can require you to need Medical Care. If untreated and this does not kill the user, after the six weeks are up, an additional six weeks are taken to regain all six points from the characteristics.