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There are several holidays in the Prosperan Republic, of varying importance and significance. Local holidays also exist, based on the specific customs and traditions of the colony; a very common local holiday is 'colonization day' (or equivalent), the day on which the planet was officially first settled by Prosperan colonists.

Unification Day is the most important holiday across the Republic, celebrated on the second of Kisi, standard time. It marks the day on Prosperan time when all of humanity was united under the Prosperan flag. On this day, there is a federally mandated work and bank holiday, culminating in a great festival with large banquets and balls. On Prospera and core worlds, it also includes military parades and carrier displays, famous songstress performances, sports events, and political events. During all three rebellions, Unification Day was considered a cease-fire day.

Ascension Day is the day celebrating the ascension of the original 15 Prospectors, and the pacification of the revolutionary era. It takes place on the first of Addar. While not as important or celebrated as Unification Day, this day is often used by the Prospectors to give important announcements. All secondary Prospectors were also officially inducted on this day. Generally, all personal staff of governor Prospectors take this day off, while most other businesses continue working.

New Year's Day is as described, the new year of the Prosperan calendar, the second of Addar. While originally the first of Nisa, the day was moved when the Prospectors reset the year count to 0 upon ascension, while reorganizing the Republic. It is usually celebrated in conjunction with Ascension Day. Because of the somewhat arbitrary nature of the day for colonies, most colonies base their new year's day upon a locally decided day.