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The Prospector Honour Guard are a group of elite guardsmen that serve as the personal assistants, bodyguards, and agents of Prospectors. As opposed to normal assistants and soldiers, they specifically work very close with Prospectors and generally have their complete trust in private matters. A specific Prospector's honor guard usually numbers no more than five or ten, with the honor guard branch of the Republican Guard on Prospera having upwards of 100.

The honor guard are typically the best of the best, with the most loyal traits possible in a guardsman. Honor guardsmen often come from retired Strike Suit pilots, close assistants, and high ranking officers of the Navy. Usually only one or two stay within actual bodyguard range of a Prospector, the others being assigned to offworld or onworld espionage duties, as well as other clandestine acts.

Prospectors will usually equip their honor guard with experimental or all in all strange weaponry and equipment. For example, one of Izrael's honor guard had a rifle that had a dynamic barrel and modular design, to change firing modes, ranges, and rifled caliber at will. Additionally, one of the honor guard had a singularity generator, and another had a set of body armor that could generate miniature white globes. Most of these types of weapons are nearly impossible to manufacture without special Prospector talents.

Additionally, it is very common for the actual identities of the honor guard to be hidden. They may exist within the normal ranks of the army or marine unit protecting the Prospector, or appear to be a completely harmless assistant, such as a nearby popular performer or secretary. Members of the honor guard are skilled in not only melee combat and firearm use, but also deception, acting, espionage, and operations of both battle dress and strike suits. Specific training varies from member to member, depending on their specific specialty.