Interstellar Scouts

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While the Navy patrols and enforces law and order in known space, there are always groups of intrepid explorers who will try to chart unknown lands. Since even before year 0 the Scouts have been the vanguard of Prosperan forces; always going outwards, always making the riskiest jumps and the most dangerous journeys. The Scouts generally recruit from rural places and poor districts, looking for people who have nothing to lose and no one that will miss them when they’re gone. Courage, integrity, determination, and endurance are all the most wanted traits in the Scouts. Lighthearted individuals don’t last long at all.

The Scouts have a limited hierarchy. Because of the flexibility and importance of survival and information over regulations and orders, commands stem from the ship captain themselves. Ships are no bigger than eight crew, and rarely over four. Approximately half of Scout vessels never actually return from exploration, and those that do only sometimes come back with pertinent information. Regardless of the risk and slim chance of any successes, there is always a steady supply of volunteers of people looking to leave their home and seek out adventure in unknown lands. The Scouts are administered by the Prospector Iaoth. Iaoth is a semi-recent addition to the Prospectors, making a name for himself by finding a majority of the Phase 4 colonies and declaring them habitable or terraformable. He directs which direction to explore, but not how to do so, and often undertakes missions on his own.

Scouts go on missions to uncharted space in small ships, attempting to find any world that could be either a potential colony or outpost. Specifically at the moment, planning for an eventual Phase 5 is underway.

After around ten years, a scout will get too many relationships and ties to the government and Scouts and be offered a job more sedentary, as losing them is losing a valuable asset. They become shuttle pilots or administration. They are also allowed to resign from the service instead of that, getting their benefits and returning to normal life, or abnormal, whatever the preference.