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Makhia (M-Ḫīʾ-ā) is a technical Enlightened Monarchy, but acts as a direct democracy, though the ruler has been deposed, and only the current Queen remains in the royal family. During a riot, the late King was shot by a high-powered pellet gun, one of the few legal 'weapons' left in Makhia, and his age and poor health resulted in cardiac arrest. The Queen (who strips her regal name during coronation), and her daughter, Princess Ia, remained as rather important figureheads. Originating in the northern regions, and quickly dominating most of the land networks and only stopping near the savanna separating the deserts of inner-Prospera from the more temperate, rich with farmland regions owned by Makhia and enforced via the difficulty of invasion from the desert, only occasionally contested in the past via sea invasion, which was made obsolete by the proliferation of air power in the last two centuries.

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