Nasikel Frisiae

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Rsr. Frisiae

Nasikel Frisiae is a Prosperan citizen and a researcher of a general Extended Theory of Quanta. He is in his early 40s in age, has dark hair, a dark and tanned typical Prosperan skin tone, and dark eyes. Although estimated to be one of the most intelligent and skilled men on the planet in terms of his ability to extrapolate beyond measure and explain research in a then basic way, which has influenced a great deal of educational and scholarly reform, he has fairly below average prestige compared to many of his peers because of his tendency to abandon his work. Given the few and far between discoveries in the field of Quanta, he also often finds himself without consistent research grants or income. While not an unkind fellow, his career frustrations often get in the way of his personality, and he often finds himself apologizing for many things when he did nothing wrong, simply finding offense in his own short-tempered nature.

Born and raised in Prospita, he lived briefly in the Valentine Metro, but returned back to work for the Federation government in a compartmentalized way along with one of his graduate students, Rachel Ashea.