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Prospector is the title claimed by a number of people who ascended mortality and gained powers beyond comprehension. There are currently 28 Prospectors who fulfill several roles each, including colonial and regional governors, technological development, and extremely high tech manufacturing.

Prospector is a play on words based on 'Prospera' and the actual act of discovering mineral deposits- but rather than deposits, they are looking for entire worlds, and the secrets the universe holds.

The original fifteen Prospectors refers to the first group who discovered the secret and used it on themselves. Per official records, Jibrail was the first ascended, followed by the other fourteen. The team was originally a government-funded scientific team formed to attempt to solve a massive energy crisis that was affecting the Republic at the time. Many scholars believe that the secret lies in some form of advanced energy production that the Prospectors accidentally discovered while researching antimatter energy production.

Although the specifics of a Prospector's powers are unknown to all except themselves, a few facts from observations are readily apparent and available:

1. Prospectors are not omniscient, nor can they read minds.

2. Any action physically done to a Prospector can be reflected or redirected.

2a. Prospectors possess regenerative capabilities. Such as in the instance of defeat during the Third Rebellion, the defeated Prospectors were back to peak condition within two weeks, despite being nigh annihilated.

2b. Because of these abilities, it takes a disproportionate amount of time to change anything about their bodies. Additionally, foreign objects such as piercings, tattoos, augments, implants, and more simply do not function and are rejected. Tattoo ink is cleared overnight, piercings will be broken off as the skin heals through the plastic or metal, and implants are absorbed into the body and recycled.

3. Prospectors have minor creationary powers. They can create things up to about their own size. This includes living creatures, though in a practical sense that science is imperfect. These powers can also be used to alter their own form, though it takes a demonstrably longer time for the changes to stay with any permanence. Most Prospectors have used this to remove most blemishes from their original selves, though they appear to have only shed about a fifth of their original age, most of the lead Prospectors appearing to be in their late thirties or earlier forties, with some exceptions.

4. Prospectors have senses far beyond the normal human range. They can see into IR and UV light ranges, detect some patterns of electromagnetism, and hear at both extremely low frequencies all the way up to ultrasonic levels. Because of their ability to take advantage of these abilities, they can exhibit a degree of omniscience in the immediate vicinity of themselves.

5. Prospectors are not affected by extreme pressure or vacuum, do not require oxygen to function, nor nutrients to survive.

6. Prospectors retain human emotions.

It has been stated multiple times by Prospectors that these things, while extremely beneficial, is not the main cause of their strength. Rather, millennia of free time to master many individual skills beyond the level any ordinary person could is the real reason they have such a mastery over so many different things.

Any further observations are either classified, or unknown.

Several Prospectors had children and families before ascension. Originally, their esteem and position depended on the Prospector's disposition towards them; for instance, Izrael's family was held in very high regard, while Jibrail's was nigh ignored, because she disliked them. Even so, bearing the surname of a Prospector and having the records to prove it was a fast track to political or academic success. After five or six generations, however, when the ties began to get more and more faded and distant, being a descendant of a Prospector became just about impossible to prove and useless to anyone anyway.

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