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Prosperan defines, but does not absolutely define a number of sub-topics, with the most notable being an ethnicity, nationality, political platform, as well as the collective territories of the Prosperan Federation controlled land and orbital tech. It once referred to a de facto currency, which has been supplanted by encrypted letters of exchange, which can be understood in more detailed within Economics.

The other two, generally relevant large-population entities within the planet of Olam, are Valentine, Makhia,

Prosperan, Prospitan or Federals may also refer to:

Nationality, Ethnicity, Strata[edit]

  • Prosperan Federation, a federated states of unified, extremely powerful trade families, who specialize in resources but compete aggressively in economics- while monopolies are not strictly forbidden, the Federation itself is a monopoly. See more in Economics.
  • Prosperan (People), individuals who claim the label of rea rhea, or sons/daughters of Rhea, the Prosperan name for the galaxy and once-goddess. This specifically refers to the ethnic differences of native Prosperans and not the culture.
  • Patricians (Strata), the upper strata of Prosperan society, indicated by the -el suffix to a formal name and stripped when such honors are taken, made up of the now extremely extended families of nine names whom each still carry one 'Patrician' as their leader. Gender, personal belief, morality, or readiness is never considered for these positions; it is done via a vote by the nearest family members whom do not have a say within the family's business. Such a policy is not incredibly efficient, and the Patrician system was mostly replaced by a much more efficient Federation where the Patricians were relegated to only being business leaders and controllers of the economy, and not politicians. Depending on the wealth and influence of any one Patrician, however, this often varied from generation to generation.
  • Knights (Strata), the glorified middle strata of Prosperan ancient culture, essentially those appointed above the rank of citizen. While defunct, this was often the 'rank' given to field officers to distinguish them from both citizens and Patricians, as well as to naval captains, but not admirals. The concept of knighthood has passed into ritual, but the names (-ail, opposed to -el for nobility) have become common given names and do not necessarily denote proper knighthood; if it does, it will not accompany a family name. Mikhail, Jibrail, and similar are examples.
  • Citizen (Strata), the middle strata of Prosperan culture, which made up everyone other than the Patrician families. Historically, these were often laborers and illiterate folk who did not engage in constant mathematics and logistical ability (talents that aided Patricians in being significantly effective generals, but only in a macro sense), but later on the definition simply became 'lawfully Prosperan'. The most ancient crime which still persists is the unlawful imitation of a Patrician; the use of the -el modifier, even in jest, often arose much too harsh of penalties due to its significance and prestige.


  • Trade Common, once called New Prosperan (which is now Old Prosperan), a lyrical and poetic language which uses a variety of prefixes and suffixes with base words to generally convey emotions, rather than ideas.
  • Prosperan Culture, the culture of the region of Prospera, though not restricted to the ethnic members.
  • Prosperan Holidays, a list of important dates.
  • Prosperan Customs, a brief list of common differences in social behavior.

Planets, Regions[edit]

  • Olam (World), increasingly called Prospera in the 'globalized' world since nearly every multi-cultural center is dominated by Prosperan trade centers, the Patrician Asariel lobbies continually for the renaming of the planet itself to Prospera and for a political unity among the powerful nation-states.
  • Anshar (Sector), currently, the only sector established, which encompasses the solar system around Anshar.
  • Prospita, the capital of the Prosperan Federation, though well known, is often misinterpreted as being Prospera proper, or the nouns are simply interchanged at will.


  • Prospera!, a networked online game which defines itself by rigorous economic detail and organizational skills, a highly successful product.