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Prosperan Noble Robes

Prosperan Fashion has evolved over the years to be a hybrid of ancient Prosperan, Maklian, and other cultures' traditions. Although, for the most part, old traditions have passed on for new ones, certain parts have survived.

Prospera was originally founded in a very hot, desert climate, and the dress of the day supported this fact. Very common were loose, thin, brightly colored robes which staved off the sun, along with loose pants and loose shirts. Both men and women wore the same attire, as for a very long time practicality of environment overran any inclination towards fashion.

As the original city state Prospita began to expand, the idea of 'fashion', in the form of diplomats, ambassadors, and wealthy families having wealthier appearances than the general public began to spread. Thicker robes with complex designs, scarves, and capes began to become popular; a plethora of colors which complimented one another and a large amount of expensive jewelry and headdresses became the norm for the patrician families of Prospita. Some of these designs remain in modern times, mostly by Prospectors who prefer to seem older by their posture.


In modern times, a lot of female fashion is a mix of these old designs, plus influences from Maklian and other cultures. Maklian culture especially has a leaning towards less clothing on average due to cooler, but still warm, climates, as has more variety in how these clothes are put together; a strong tendency towards shorter skirts, tighter blouses, and ties.

Male fashion includes folded vests with open suitcoats. Ties are generally very short, and tend to be no more than a ribbon or small scarf around the neck. More casual wear are simple shirts and tough bonded pants of synthetic cloth.

Later Prosperan fashion had a mix of these tighter cloths, including some skirts, but also a plethora of slacks and other types of pants which were less common in Maklia and more common in Prospera. Chokers and capes were very common, especially for patrician families or nobility.

Modern wear sees a very strong move towards the old patrician wear of noble Prosperan families, tight robe-like folded clothes with intricate and colorful designs. More liberal wear includes shorter skirts, leggings, and midriffs.