Recursion Theory

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Recursion Theory is the primary understanding for the genesis of the universe as it is known. Although it takes place over an incredibly short amount of time, it is understood that as the early universe (on the scale of the tiniest fraction of a second, close to the planck length of time) cooled down from an extremely hot and dense state, it allowed several forces of nature and their constituent laws to develop unimpeded. It is well understood that it is not because of the cooling down that these laws developed, but rather a certain eventuality that they will develop as long as the initial state of the universe is one that expands at a certain rate which allows for space to bend around itself. What separates Recursion Theory from other genesis theories such as the Unity (Big Bang) theory is that the previous state of the universe must be the same as the current one, that is, the constants observed (such as f, L constant, h constant), etc, and their rate of change when also allowing time translation asymmetry.