Republic Guard

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Guardsmen Controlling a Protest

The Republic Guard is the organization which is responsible for the protection and defense of the homeworld, Prospera. The Guard has approximately 500 million members which remain in garrison on Prospera and on accompanying highports. Due to how close the Guard serves under The Council, Guardsmen take up almost all billets in the system, including those generally reserved for Marines.

The Republic Guard is led by The Council's Honor Guard, which consists of about 40 de facto generals.

The Guard operates under different regulations than the rest of the Army. They wear a different uniform of higher tech equipment, and primarily use rail weaponry. Combat doctrine is similar, with a heavy reliance on armor, but unlike other army garrisons they make extensive use of Battle Dress on the battlefield, and about five Strike Suits stay in garrison on the planet. The army also often acts as an augmentation force for law enforcement.