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The Scarves are a Republic-wide militant organization founded by Admiral Farah, Admiral Loya, and several other Navy officers in 3897RE, with some origins traceable back to the Second Rebellion. It operates as a network consisting of both a multiplanet, stateless military, as well as an interplanetary terror group aimed at curbing Prospector influence. It has been designated as a terrorist and revolutionary organization by The Council and Senate. Although technically not in existence during the Third Rebellion, the actions undertaken by Ambrosia and the other officers are considered to be actions under the Scarves.

The Scarves have mounted attacks on both civilian and military targets in a plethora of worlds, including the 4044 Valentine suitcase nuke bombings, and are considered responsible for the majority of civil wars that have begun since the Third Rebellion. Since the death of Ambrosia, the actions of the Scarves have deteriorated to being almost entirely splinter actions that are not controlled from any one source.

Typical techniques employed by the Scarves include bombings, IED emplacements, guerrilla warfare, and inciting worldwide civil wars on fringe colonies. Scarves ideologies are based on the complete removal of Prospector influence from all human worlds, and reject any form of trans-humanism, seeing it as anti-human and selfish.

The identifying mark of a member of the Scarves is a specifically designed checked scarf worn around the face. A scarf alone does not warrant membership in the scarves; the design is specific and non-accidental. During times of open rebellion, however, any scarf will do.

Luma Ambrosia

The figurehead and quoted revolutionary the Scarves use as the eternal martyr of their cause was the Flight Commander Luma Ambrosia. Although her actions were largely directed towards one cause (the killing of Prospectors), she didn't particularly call for any sorts of revolution or upheaval of any social orders. Her actual motivations for attacking and wounding several Prospectors is still unknown, though is thought to be connected to the near death of Admiral Farah. Ambrosia had committed atrocities in the past, and it was not likely she would have rebelled against orders to attack civilians. On the other hand, she had little love for war and it is entirely possible she may have simply snapped at that point under the pressure. Most quotes of hers were fabricated later on, and via recordings and evidence from the time, she was not a talkative person. Her last recorded words before her death were, based on black box recordings,

"I'm going. Jumping, four, three, two, one..."

Although she didn't wear it before the rebellion, her signature piece of clothing was a black and white checkered scarf she wore around her neck. It was thought to be a gift.


The Scarves are a loosely based insurgent group with no single leader. Their actions are decentralized, and that is both their greatest strength and greatest weakness; they cannot be struck down from one single operation, but the extent of how much they can affect the Republic is very limited as no Scarves group is very large. Even so, there are two separate 'themes' to Scarves operators;

Field Scarves are defined as those men and women who made it their sole purpose to serve the Scarves and act as an underground, illegal resistance. They gather funding, do clandestine operations, and conduct insurgent activity. While technically all people are citizens of the Republic, these people specifically have abandoned their citizenship. They are generally better armed and have a better sense of purpose during a rebellion, often being the ones to strike high value targets while the general populace does actions mostly just based around rioting and anarchy. Large cells include those in the rims, and on certain high population core worlds where even a Prospector can't keep track of every alleyway.

Conditional Scarves are defined as those people who are Scarves sympathizers, but perhaps have some major obligation in their homelife, a family, or some important career that keeps them from truly joining the rebellion. They continue to act as citizens of the Republic and operate normally in their day to day lives, but are quick to join in open rebellions when one occurs, sometimes even jumping to nearby star systems to join the fighting.

Within Scarves cells, there tends to be open democracy. Leaders are picked by simple vote, though each cell differs in specifics. Prosperan Military intelligence often gets wind of local cell leaders, and assassinations or captures tend to be very common, so Scarves leadership turnover is very quick.