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Susel (Ancient Prosperan: Horse noble) is one of the most popular sports in the Republic. In summary, Susel is a sport where two teams attempt to carry a large animal carcass (or, on more sensible worlds, a large bag) through a hoop at the end of a field. Susel is played on horseback, and rough-housing is encouraged.

Basic Rules

Two teams of roughly eight players (which can be less or more depending on the size of the field) all ride on horseback, starting at the center of a field. In the very center of the field is the animal carcass or bag (the 'score'), and when a begin signal is sounded, each team must attempt to secure the score and take it to an elevated hoop at the opponent's side of the field.

By standard rules, each player may use any sort of weapon he wishes, as long as it is dull. Specifically attempting to incapacitate the opposing team is forbidden, though certain things may happen in the heat of play. The most common weapons taken are long hooks, dull scythes, lances, and other long instruments which make it easier to grab the score and keep it.

There is no specific time limit to Susel; the game ends when one team loses more than half its players to attrition, fatigue, or injury. The goal is to put the score through the hoop and gain as many points as possible before either team loses enough players. In addition, the team that 'survives' the game- ie, does not lose more than half its players- gains several extra scores. Therefore, it's possible that with a large enough lead, one team can 'mercy surrender' and still win. This is designed to keep an obvious victory from dragging on. However, two fairly even, durable teams can make a game go on for many hours, and the longest Susel game on record lasted 46 hours, ending with final scores of 267-263.