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Weapons Trafficking; Conspiracy to assault a Prospector; Conspiracy to Use Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Prosperan citizens; Conspiracy to Destroy Property of the Prosperan Government ;Conspiracy to Commit Assault and Damage Property; Conspiracy to Commit Murder; Murder; Starship Sabotage; Damaging Starships Used in Foreign and Domestic Commerce; Placing Bombs on Starships; Assault; Attempted Starship Sabotage; Aiding and Abetting

REWARD: The Rewards For Justice Program, Prosperan State Bureau, is offering a reward of up to 200MCr for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction, in any planet, of Amare Sherzai. The Prosperan Navy is offering a reward of up to 10MCr for information leading to the capture of Sherzai.

Amare Sherzai was indicted in Prospera for his alleged role in the bombing of the low-berth transport shuttle en route from Florita to Prospera, on 5 Jan 4506, resulting in the deaths of over 2500 passengers, including 500 children.

Sherzai is a man of mixed ethnicity, with light hair and dark eyes of approximately 1.8 meters height, and 77kg. He typically has a low stubble, and dresses poorly, in old or ragged clothing, and occasionally combat uniforms. He has a primary school education and is a computer technician, and explosives and firearms expert. Sherzai formed the Lynx Company in 4503, a splinter cell of a larger organization that collapsed due to Navy action in the late 45th century, to continue weapons trafficking and illicit business dealings. Sherzai has several different passports.

Scars & Marks

Sherzai has several bullet wound scars in his abdomen, as well as multiple knife wound scars across both arms.


The Lynx
Alex Vauss
Alexander Sarosha
Mikhail Madvonic
Mikhail Vauss
Umar Akcliri
Ayil Matovic
Mihr Sladon


Date(s) of Birth Used: 4475, 4470, 4480
Hair: Blonde
Place of Birth: Bakal, Ceres
Eyes: Dark
Height: 1.7 to 1.8m
Complexion: Light
Weight: 75-79kg
Sex: Male
Build: Lean
Citizenship: Prospera, Florita, Ceres