Theory of Everything

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A hypothesized, and sought after, theory which unifies both the Standard Model and Quantum Physics.

By definition, the Theory of Everything includes a cohesive wrapping up of all sizes of action and reaction. It does not mean that every bit would be 'proven' or 'laws', but that the foundations would be there for perhaps discovering such an end. Without knowing the state of the universe at the beginning and end (an unobservable time, as it did not have time), such a theory is never quite 'true', but may be 'expected'.

A few possible solutions for the Theory of Everything are concluded with,

a simple model making the Limited Theory of Quanta more substantial but lacking an explanation for proper gravity.

a revision of the Extended Theory, including the conflation of time and gravity more strictly as the Standard Model would dictate.

a system completely unlike the other two, based around field theory and focusing almost entirely on the wave collapsing properties of vacuum space to explain quantum gravity; tiny, tiny scales of gravity.

These competing theories all have various proofs but none are quite convincing enough to deny the others.

I hate mathematics. This article is an attempt at shortly describing real science which can be sourced and referenced in real research. While it is difficult for me to accurately describe complex topics, especially with my limited background in physics of all kinds, an attempt is made to simplify it enough and both further my own understanding via repetition and correction. Please excuse any errors in syntax or bias, typically I am unaware of every possible interpretation of many of the more argued subjects and tend towards ones I have studied more, rather than any explicit following of it.
  • Anyone can help me make these more accurate by sending me an email, available on the page Feli. I appreciate any input or perspective, or simply to make my definitions more precise in relation to my softer science extensions of this.