Third Rebellion

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The Third Rebellion, also known as the Scarves Revolution, was an influential period of social and political upheaval in the Prosperan Republic that lasted from 3910 until 3911. The Rebellion is widely regarded by scholars as the most important policy maker for the past 600 years, influencing both Prospector and Senate posture on colonial disagreements and potential civil wars.


The Rebellion can find its root in 3898, when a group of high-profile Navy officers founded a secret organization called the Scarves which was meant to act as a gathering point for anti-Prospector dissidents. The group remained nonviolent and solely based around secret meetings and planning for an eventual revolution which would involve more of the Republic than the Prospectors could stand against. It also involved a large section of scientific minds who attempted to find some way to defeat the Prospectors.

In 3900, the chance the Scarves had been waiting for arrived. Their group had remained a secret, successfully, under the guise of an Officer's Coalition. The de facto leader of the group, Carrier Admiral Farah, was assigned a new Strike Suit pilot to train, and Maalik had determined that she was to be the recipient of Strike Suit Shamhat. Luma Ambrosia was a young Navy subaltern from a core world, selected based on outstanding academic and fitness scores from the Naval Academy she studied at. Considered a patriot by her classmates and fellow officers, her world had been treated very well by the resident Prospector, Umar, and she felt some admiration towards the ruling class.

What happened between 3900 and 3910 is up to debate by scholars as all records have been purged by both Prospectors and the Scarves themselves, but it is assumed that at some point, Ambrosia was convinced by the Scarves to use her Strike Suit in support of their rebellion. It was considered unlikely that Ambrosia had joined the rebellion on her own, due to previous ethical values. From around 3906 to 3909, the Prospector Cassie was assigned to the Carrier Tanager alongside Admiral Farah and Ambrosia, tasked with putting down several civil wars that had erupted over the past six years, mainly due to Scarves influence. In 3910, the Carrier Tanager and a battleship traveled to Ceres, where there was a massive ongoing rebellion including several Navy mutinies. Cassie, who had ascended within the past 80 years, was a fresh Prospector and did not necessarily have the authority for command some of the older ones already had acquired.

Cassie ordered Admiral Farah to put down the rebellion, including shelling several known rebel positions on the ground. While orbital bombardment was against Navy doctrine, any Prospector order superseded previous regulation. Admiral Farah refused the order, pulling a handgun on Cassie, who responded with near-lethal force and almost killed the Admiral. After stabilizing him, Cassie ordered the Navigator Nori to take command and fulfill her orders. Despite this, most of the accompanying ships mutinied, and their Captains refused the Navigator's orders, several heavy cruisers and other ships detaching. Ambrosia had suited up by this point, sortieing and challenging Cassie from the outside of the Carrier's bridge. The accompanying battleship had remained under the Navigator's command, and began moving to attack the other ships that had mutinied- Ambrosia engaged the battleship, and after approximately two minutes, succeeding in fatally crippling it. The debris rained on Ceres, causing a worldwide disaster that killed approximately 70% of the population over the next week, and displaced the rest.

The Navigator ordered a retreat, with most of the fleet warping to New Moira, one jump away. Ambrosia and the rest of the rebels pursued, and Ambrosia engaged Cassie on the surface of New Moira, a highly populated garden world. Cassie overdid it, causing a mass chemical disaster that would eventually flood the world's atmosphere with carbon dioxide, killing billions and displacing the rest. Cassie was defeated shortly after, but not killed, as she seemed to regenerate her form not soon after. This was an unprecedented event, nonetheless, as it proved that a Prospector could be put out of action for at least a temporary time. Strike Suit Shamhat was deemed to be nearly at the level of a weaker Prospector, allowing Ambrosia both the reality-manipulating powers Prospectors possessed, the quantum field, and the power required to pierce a Prospector's.

Shamhat, Altai, and Ephedra (left) in combat

With a Prospector defeated and a battleship out of commission, Navigator Nori surrendered and the Carrier Tanager was interned in Papaya by dissidents. Admiral Farah was taken aboard one of the heavy cruisers and medically treated during most of the rebellion. Ambrosia traveled with the rebel fleet back to Malvina, where the resident Prospector, Asroilu, challenged her. A battle ensued in orbit around Malvina, resulting with Asroilu being defeated and put out of action in a manner similar to Cassie. By now, the word had spread, and any potential dissidents began to join the rebellion. Fighting began almost as soon as news of Ambrosia's victory reached worlds, though as distance came, so did myth. By the time the news had reached Sector I, the story had warped to become 'Ambrosia defeated all the Prospectors, and the loyalists were losing', even though that was not even close to being the case.

Ambrosia continued moving, stopping occasionally for rest, with the rest of her fleet. Admiral Farah remained out of action for the rest of the rebellion, and several reports had him actually having died from his wounds, though no body or confirmation was ever found. Admiral Loya, another member of the Scarves' plot, took command from that point on. At the border between Sectors G and C, Azazel challenged Ambrosia to combat, and was soundly defeated in an even faster manner than the previous fights. Shortly thereafter, she encountered Iaoth, though Iaoth had not intended to make combat, he attacked first as a way of defending himself in case Ambrosia had been intending on specifically fighting Prospectors. He was defeated in short manner as well, and the remaining Prospectors between Ambrosia and The Council made way. Izrael, minister of the Navy, determined the only way to stop her was to mount a full defense utilizing several Prospectors and fleets in Prospera. She found the defeats of the other Prospectors to be both a testament of Ambrosia's determination, and the lack of self-awareness the younger Prospectors had yet to find; ie, a sense of immortality, and infallibility, that the older Prospectors had long since forgotten.

Ambrosia continued unchallenged until she reached Prospera, and on the jump in, found a full phalanx of half the Council and the two remaining battleships waiting for her. She was told to stand down, refused, and was immediately fired upon and killed in an extremely unceremonious fashion. Admiral Loya surrendered soon after, and the rebellion had ended as soon as it began.