Time translation asymmetry

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Time translation asymmetry is the concept, once believed symmetrical, that the laws and specifically the fundamental constants of physics may change through time, and one cannot reference contemporary constants with other epochs of spacetime regardless of any consistency, as any small difference in formulation creates cascading errors. In early classical physics, most theories centered around a specific set of constants, mainly that matter and energy were conserved. However, it was proven that over time, that in some extremely high-energy exchanges information is invariably lost. For most of the universe at classical relativity scales time translation symmetry still holds true, but at energies approaching that which can propel an object at velocity f, time begins to become asymmetric and appears to compensate further as the observer more closely approaches velocity f. Due to the nature of quanta and virtual particles, this happens constantly, and early measurements of this energy 'attrition' were greatly understated.

While it may be a case of unknowns in where the energy or information actually bleeds out to, it has been repeatable and can be confirmed readily by most contemporary particle accelerators. The usual example is a set of atoms, or more likely, subatomic quanta, which are at the lowest energy state and continually move in tandem with time without requiring energy to continue moving and without ever being at rest, which would imply it was stable at any point in time. While this realization helped move several theories, it failed to explain how to scale it up to an actionable degree; The original Extended Theory of Quanta also requires time translation asymmetry, rather than symmetry, at its scale.

Science! This article contains explicitly soft science; that is, fiction without any credible sources, or written by myself. Another term to refer to this is pseudoscience, though I believe pseudoscience should reference specifically 'science' backed up mostly by mystical or spiritual things. Soft science is based upon hard science, but has no true place in any reality where hard science is factual. It may contain straight out lies and false assumptions of scientific theories, or fabricated ones. These are only internally 'factual' and do not reflect real science, and should not be referenced as such.
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