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Years are generally told differently based on where you are. Every region tells time either based on Prospera's standard re-establishment calendar, Makhia's monarch-based calendar, or Valentine's unification-based calendar. Though all three calendars use a solar system with lunar calendars having been mostly removed by the atomic age, some holidays still reference lunar celebrations. Though locally these three calendars are separately used, the Makhian calendar is used internationally because of its ease of translation across cultures and does not require much knowledge in order to learn in the short term. However, it quickly becomes complicated over long time scales, and Valentine's calendar is generally preferred for historical timekeeping.

Prospera makes a revolution around the sun every 340 days, which constitutes a year. The year is split into 11 months, 10 of which have 31 days while the very first month has only 30. Each month is split into 6 weeks, except on the occasion where the first month only has 5, which occurs every 6 years. Each week has 6 days. More information is found in Calendar.

The Makhian calendar uses the standard solar calendar, as listed above, with the block of time being referred to using the reigning monarch's regal name, followed by the year of their reign, with the first and last years (whatever empty time exists) being called the time of mourning. This timekeeping is the only remaining way the monarch is referred by their regal name; otherwise, it is not used. The current title of counted years is Ema (IV), mourning, year 29. This means that until the end of the year it will remain within the 29th year of Ema's reign, at which time it will shift into the new title of the new monarch, likely Ia (I), year 1.