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Hello world!

NOTE NOVEMBER 2019: I am currently in the process of revising and condensing this chronology. While I don't think anyone really looks at this much, a few years have passed since I seriously worked on this, and I am going to attempt to go through and both simplify and standardize a great many things. A few key changes: the timeline has been reduced down to about 1600 years of Post-Serum dates. Maklia has been renamed to Makhia. The second rebellion was removed. I have greatly expanded upon the Scarves (Third) Rebellion, and set it closer to "present day", as it would be in a campaign so it is more relevant. I will be separating Prosperan and Sindruh content later, also. Most cultural and pseudoscience remains and I have expanded on a few things, including 'secrets' I didn't want known during the Traveller game I ran that I think are fine to write in since it doesn't impact the content.

A wiki written by Felicity of collected writings and technical guides to a base outline of my science fiction setting, heretoforth called Prospera in its entirety. All information within supersedes any outside sources (not relevant anymore, this is the only source.) This also serves as a written record of a setting I may or may not use for other purposes. Nothing within is currently being used for gain or profit. Some images I borrowed from open source, and most heavy concept art was commissioned and is owned by myself, and credits are noted at the bottom of this page. Commissioned works are guidelines, or concept art, and not necessarily entirely reflective of the real vision. Feel free to use this setting for personal use or anything within it, but I appreciate being told so if you do.

In the distant past, a spacefaring society, while attempting to solve a catastrophic energy crisis regarding population overgrowth and resource depletion, discovered the serum to eternal life, outlandish powers over the natural world, and command over spacetime and physics and a latent understanding of the mysteries of the universe. The group that discovered this was a state-funded scientific research facility intended on solving a long-time energy crisis, and the sixteen members of this panel decided that, for the good of Prospera, their home, and their future, they must keep the serum to themselves, use that power to totally reshape their society and lead their civilization into an unending golden age, led not by bureaucrats and kings, but by scientists and engineers.

After removing the current government, reforming their globalized nation and making clear the solutions to all their problems, they called themselves, a group of fifteen near-gods, the Prospectors, in how the universe was at their beckoning for discovery.

Even with all of these civilization changing advancements, people remain the same. As the years go by, the Prospectors became more and more apathetic and abusive, disagreeing with eachother and consistently causing problems with only their people as collateral. While immortal, they are not infallible, and their choices would dictate the survival, or destruction, of the empire they came to build.

"For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either."

Further explanation is out of character.

While originally the Prospectors (initially called the Caliphs, after their motif and specific original changes in my Evangelion tabletop campaign that this setting is essentially the prologue and prequel to) were a very patchwork concept as half-villains in that campaign, called Sindruh, meaning Song literally, it was a big mix of my interests, things I learned over the years I thought would go well together, and a whole ton of crazy nutjob spirit science, which is the essence of this alter-backstory of the origin of Earth and humanity. See that here -> Earth. I will do my best to keep it in-character and interesting to read as fiction, but it may well come across as lecture anyway.


Important Articles!

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List of Prospectors
The Council
The Senate



Prosperan Military

Prosperan Navy
List of Spacecraft
Carrier Fleet

Prosperan Marines
The Watchers

Prosperan Army
Republic Guard
Honor Guard

Interstellar Scouts



Lynx Company
The Lynx



Strike Suit
Grey Snow
Frisian Field
Frisian Space
List of Spacecraft
Artificial Intelligence


First Rebellion
Third Rebellion


Trial by Contest
Blood Over Intent
Trade Common
Prosperan Fashion


Colonial Theory
Sector P
Sector C
Sector G
Sector K

Named Characters

Luma Ambrosia
Sheara Oahka
Abe Khazjel


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even more art by Ian Guzman
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