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Looking for old Prospera's pages? This is a complete revision and reboot. All the original pages of the wiki remain available without changes, and any changed pages are available as [pagename]_(Memories). Or curious on how silly some were? Look through here in the archive; this short story is the 'ending' and the complete redacting of the previous iteration, and the original main page can be found here. Because of SEO bot spam, I have restricted editing on all pages except by myself. However, the Queries page may be freely edited as a Talk: type page, and you can contact me with my email found on Feli. Thanks for understanding.

~ Feli (talk) 14:32, 7 July 2020 (CEST)

Hello, world!

Update: I'm busy with school. Maybe more work later this year.

~ Feli (talk) 23:06, 5 September 2020 (CEST)

More updates and more work on the planet itself before I venture past the speed of light. As is, this setting is currently just barely pre-FTL, and I will be preparing out several points in its future of different stages of stellar colonial development which each have its own issues and themes. For the moment, however, we are focused on just one thing: a civilization that feels trapped by its own limitations of science and quickly reaching a point of chaotic equilibrium in its political and social environments as it struggles not to sustain the population but to keep them satisfied as technology both eases lives and reduces opportunity for work, and the sovereign nations that still hold independent banners lobbying for their own interstellar playbooks, all of which are insufficient. The first act of Prospera features Nasikel Frisiae and Rachel Ashea who are, known to them but with disbelief and uncertainty, on the verge of reshaping fundamental physics as they were passed down in laws.

Writing is hard. But I'm trying my best to understand the concepts behind my violations of relativity before I finally commit to it. This is a complete reboot of a setting I started in 2015, and for its 5 year anniversary of 'existence', I believe now is the time for me to start from scratch, figure out what I care about and what I want to do precisely, as well as give myself a better understanding of the fundamentals of particle physics and cosmology as well as be more aware of the implications of the fiction I insert into the science.

Disclaimer: This entire wiki, and project, is forever a work in progress. If I believe it is ever 'complete', then I have made a mistake somewhere, or have given up. I don't want to give up, and someday I hope I can inspire others to carry this project forward, if not as Prospera, then in the same spirit.

It's unlikely it will be anywhere close to what the previous setting was. My mindset and experience is completely different from five years ago, as is my perspective on life, its importance, and what we can derive from fiction and how we can express it to help others. Perspective lets us understand that prosperity for one may be gold, money, and fame, but for another, it may be as simple as a lost oasis in an endless desert.


~ Feli (talk) 12:38, 4 July 2020 (CEST)

Reference Table[edit]

The following are likely relevant and ordered in terms of relative effort and importance, and should lead into other topics naturally as one finds interest in potential sub-links. Hard science in the science section is in bold, while softer science, which have been manipulated in some way to appease the central plot mechanic, are italicized.


History, Timekeeping[edit]


Military & Intercontinental Conflict[edit]